What We Do Best

Areas of expertise

Online Travel Consultations

Need assistance for an upcoming trip? We can hop on a 30 min Google Meets call to help you get a general overview of Oaxaca. You'll get amazing travel tips and ideas to better support the indigenous communities during your time here. This is also a place where you can ask questions or share ideas if you have already started planning your trip. The cost is $45 usd per 30 min session.

Open Group Experiences

We set these itineraries based on the inquiries we receive for the upcoming months. Dates, times and activities are pre-set and we launch them to the public. We confirm the tour when at least 5 people sign up. The rates on average cost: $1,800 - 2,600 mxn pesos per person + taxes/processing fees for an 8 - 10hr day.

Customizing an Open Group Experience

If you don’t see a date/activities you’re interested in or that fits in with your schedule, we can create a tour for you. This means you will have the opportunity to customize the experience and then we will offer the tour to the public where up to 12 more can sign up (this can help reduce the cost of your tour).

Private Experiences

Work with Lily to customize your itinerary and one of our trusted Zapotec Guides will lead your experience. Here you get to choose the activities you would like to participate in, your start/end time and tailor all the specific details for you and your party only. Lily is available 4 days out of the month to lead private experiences too. The rate for a private tour will depend on the activities you choose but on average they cost: $ 2,900 - 4,900 pesos mxn per person + taxes/processing fees for an 8 -10hr day.

Private Group Experiences

Work with Lily to customize an itinerary for your private party: 4+ people: $ 2,200 pesos mxn - 2,800 pesos mxn per person + taxes/processing fees for an 8-10hr day.

Concierge Services

Need help planning your trip to Oaxaca supporting local and or indigenous-owned businesses? We can help plan your visit from transportation, accommodations, activities, local guides, all concierge services with varying budgets. The cost is starts at $150 usd for the concierge service. Once in Oaxaca, you will pay the businesses directly. Not sure how to get around? We can connect you with our trusted drivers that can pick you up from the airport and take you to your destination, or take you to your desired spots in Oaxaca!